Fifth century BC :: Buddha attains enlightenment and breaks his cycle of reincarnation.

2098 ::  Scientists commit a horrible blasphemy by trying to bring Buddha back to life.

They created only a bloodthirsty abomination half-man and half-machine with strange powers.

You play as OHM, a robotic monk, a concentrate of technology and spirituality, sent to defeat the body and soul of this demonic creature.


ButtonNb of inputAction
Left and right arrows-Move to the left or to the right
X- Jump
COnceUse sword (when aquired)
CTwiceUse axe (when aquired)
CThree timesUse spears (when aquired)
A-Toggle colors
(Blue/orange palette or green gameboy palette)


OHM II is a platformer/adventure game made for the Game Boy Jam 6.

It was made by Clément "Bronislaw" Nowacki in a week, with Construct 2, Aseprite and BFXR.

Due to a lack of time, you'll probably encounter bugs, especially during boss fight. They'll be fixed as soon the jam is ended.

Thank you for playing!


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Cool game. The sword did not work how I thought it would haha. good job

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! :)